Meal Plan: Week 1 Tracy Anderson Nine Week Challenge

Here is week 1 meal plan for my Tracy Anderson Nine Week Challenge.

The meals are pretty basic and I haven’t included any desserts (in the first week at least) – this is supposed to be a challenge!

I’m adding extra snacks in for myself as I am breastfeeding.  Also, I’m not a doctor, so check with your doctor before you start any new weight loss program!


Breakfastsuper banana smoothie
Lunchtuna salad
Dinnerhoney and mustard crusted chicken with garden salad or steamed vegetables


Breakfastcereal with yoghurt and fruit
Lunchpasta salad
Dinnergrilled lamb steaks with tasty beans and steamed vegetables


Breakfastscrambled eggs on toast
Lunchsalmon and salad wrap and a piece of fruit
Dinnercreamy sweet potato soup with crusty bread


Breakfastcreamy porridge with banana and honey
Lunchegg and lettuce wrap and a piece of fruit
Dinnersimple tuna spaghetti and green salad


Breakfastcrumpets with fruit and honey
Lunchlemon chicken couscous and a piece of fruit
Dinnerchicken saagwala


Breakfastherb omelette
Lunchrice salad with tomatoes and snow peas; a piece of fruit
Dinnerprawn, feta and rocket pizza


Breakfastboiled egg with creamy mushrooms on toast
Lunchchicken and salad wrap and a piece of fruit
Dinnerbeef burger with crispy potato wedges and garden salad


Handful of almonds
Rice cakes with sliced tomatoes and capers
Tub of yoghurt


One comment

  1. These look like the balance and well meal plans. I would love to copy some.

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